Feng Shui and Doors

3 December 2015
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The energy in a room can influence one's morale in carrying out their activities. Energy flows into a room through doors and windows. When designing your house, it is important to get a balance on the type of doors and interior design you will use to ensure optimum energy. There has been a growing trend on the use of Feng shui in the interior alignment of doors.  It is a system of laws applied in directing the flow of energy in a home and is used in interior decoration and alignment. Read More 

Window of Opportunity | 3 Tips To Dress Up Your Wooden Window Frames with Colour

18 September 2015
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Windows make a pivotal decorative statement in any home, but ever so often, they start to look timeworn –– especially when they are left unattended for a long time. Choosing frame colours for wooden windows requires careful thought and planning so they don't stick out like sore thumbs in your home. Make sure you follow these smart tips for dressing up your wooden window frames with colour. Plan Around Your Existing Style and Décor Read More 

What to Know about Using Vintage Timber External Doors in Home Renovations

2 September 2015
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If you recently purchased a vintage home, you may decide to take on some home renovation projects in order to restore the home's original beauty. This could mean replacing cabinets, remodeling the home to restore the original floor plan, and replacing doors throughout the home. Before you purchase an external door you think may work for a vintage look, consider the things you should know about vintage timber doors and installation. Read More 

3 Crucial Factors Affecting Your Choice of Skylight Windows

27 August 2015
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Fitting skylight windows is an effective solution for people who wish to increase possibilities of more natural light, fresh air and a beautiful view in their buildings. For maximum performance, here are a few things you will need to consider before installing these windows in your buildings. Operability of the windows When it comes to skylights, operability refers to the ease and convenience of using the windows. In essence, skylight windows serve as venting units, which can be opened and closed manually or as remote-controlled installations, or as stationary units, which stay fixed at particular positions. Read More 

Vandals Have You Down? Consider Graffiti Coating!

20 August 2015
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While there are those who would consider graffiti an art form for murals and public art, there is a limit to the validity of this type of expression. If you've encountered a problem with graffiti at your building or your construction project, you're probably tired of applying chemicals to erase graffiti or doubling up on layers of paint. To eliminate unwanted graffiti art and tagging, it may be time to consider using one of the technological advances known as graffiti coatings. Read More