6 Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

1 October 2021
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If you love the outdoors, you'll probably spend a lot of time in your yard during the summer. But sometimes, while outdoors, you need some protection from the sun and from the elements. One way to do that is to add some elements of protection to your outdoor zones, such as awnings or outdoor blinds. With outdoor blinds, you benefit in numerous ways as you enjoy the outdoors. 1. Privacy Read More 

Three Great Advantages of Indoor Blinds

29 June 2021
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Choosing between indoor blinds and curtains can be difficult, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. This brief guide aims to explain three of the biggest benefits of indoor blinds, from increased privacy to control over light levels. Bring Your Decor up to Date Blinds are a wonderful way to update your décor, especially if you have tired, dated curtains. A range of designs, finishes, colours and styles allow you to customise your blinds to your exact tastes while having the same blinds across a whole room or floor ties together your décor to offer a cohesive feel. Read More 

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Exterior Shutters

9 April 2021
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Exterior shutters are an excellent window treatment for many reasons. They enhance kerb appeal, boost energy efficiency and improve privacy. But for them to offer you these benefits, you need to install them correctly. Here are the mistakes to avoid when buying and installing window shutters.  1. Investing in Low-Quality Materials Usually, many people look for ways to cut down costs when working on a project. However, this is not always a wise move. Read More 

Key Features to Look Out For in Sliding Patio Doors

30 December 2020
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Not all sliding doors suppliers are the same, so if you want to install a high-quality set of patio doors in your home, there are certain features that you should be looking out for. Most manufacturers of sliding doors in Australia will make double-glazed products, for example, although it is still possible to buy single-paned doors. Obviously, you will want two panes of glass for each door since this offers better security and thermal insulation, but you should also consider triple-glazed doors if you live in the north of the country where excessive heat can be a problem in the summer. Read More 

What Should You Consider When Choosing Blinds?

29 September 2020
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Blinds are an essential addition to your windows. They help you control the amount of light getting into your living space or office, offer you privacy and enrich the aesthetics of your interiors. To ensure you get the most out of your blinds, consider these factors. Hiring an Interior Designer You might have already spotted or decided on the type of blinds to purchase for your windows. There is nothing wrong with this; it is, however, smart to seek a professional perspective or opinion on your choice. Read More